Between imagination and reality there is a world made by shapes, colours and scents.
A place where lights, visuals and sets are tools to create an immersive multi-dimensional experience.
Unreal Xmas is a media-architectural, custom designed indoor space between fantasy and a winter environment.
Set across two floors at the entrance to Manchester’s Trafford Palazzo in TraffordCity, you will be taken on an immersive journey through an enchanted world featuring an unreal mix of trees, snow, lights and scenography.
A realistic and immersive visualization of an unreal festive world to be visited and experienced.

Unreal Ice Skating Experience


Alongside our Market, will sit a completely unique ice skating experience.
A bespoke rink will take you on a journey through a fantastic and unreal adventure, through a snow-covered enchanted world.
Our winding ice road will guide you through a world made by shapes, colors and scents, where lights, sounds and sets are tools to create an incredible multi-dimensional experience. SKATES SIZES: 8 (Children) to 12.
A custom-built bar serving themed drinks will be on offer for those who wish to rest their feet after perusing the Christmas Market or those who would prefer to watch family and friends enjoying their skating experience.

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  • Family

  • 1 Adult + 3 Children or 2 Adults + 2 Children
  • £40
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Christmas Market


Between lighting and a stunning scenography on a magical atmosphere, you will find a Christmas market with a selection of the best UK’s local traders with a selection of artisans, craft, organic, food, drink and fair-trade stalls.


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Trafford Palazzo

M17 8AS Stretford